BWE: Oak Paradise III

I’ll go on! First I show you one more impressive beetle: ‘The Sawyer’ (Prionus coriarius – Sägebock). With its size of almost 5 cm of length and its heavy built, you are always fascinated by this beetle! It is widespread but not extremely common. Nevertheless, yesterday my brother found one and an hour later I found another one.

Now the last one in this row: Trichoferus pallidus (Blasser Alteichen-Nachtbock). It is extremely(!!) rare in Germany and is threatened with extinction. It needs old, stalling oaks for its development. It prefers treetops, it lives nocturnal and – just as reminder – is extremely rare. You want to see it? Really difficult – you need to be a very lucky guy!

A friend who wanted to find it, checked in good habitat every night a little forest. It took one month until he saw one single one…

All I say to you is: There was one single tree, not very special for us – but very special for a lot of different animals. Of course there are hundreds of other species, that lived on this tree. These were just the most obvious ones. And I am sure, there were other trees in that forest, that hold also a very special range of species.

Summarised, all these beetles depend on old, stalling oaks. There are few places left in Germany, where they can find such trees and still live their lifes. They will survive only, if we take the initiative and protect their habitat…

BWE: Oak Paradise III