About R. Martin

Born in 1986 I soon found the interest in nature. It didn’t take a long time and I also wanted to photograph the seen things to show the others the fascinating moments I saw. So in 2003 I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500. It was one of the early digital compact cameras. The camera was really good: You could take photos of the small things you found and it was also possible to photograph through my Swarovski spotting scope. After photographing with it for some years I took part in the Nikon Digiscoping competition. My Coolpix broke down in winter 2006 – but thanks to the Nikon Digiscoping competition I had a little bit later enough money to buy my first digital SLR – a Canon 30D. This camera is really amazing and it has a big potential!! In autumn 2006 I started my civil service at the ‘Verein Jordsand’ in the wadden sea – and my fascination for the biggest national park between the North Cape and Sicily grew more and more. I worked at many different places there and after my civil service, I tried to visit this area as often as possible! Therefore many of my photos were taken in Nordfriesland and are published there.

Interested in any of my photos? Just write me an E-mail to

fotografie_martin at gmx dot de


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