Cover photo on the latest issue of “Die Vogelwelt”

There are two of my photos on the latest issue of “Die Vogelwelt”

There were also some more articles with photos like the three mentioned:

Martin, R. (2017) “Island – Perle im Nordatlantik”, Vögel, 3/2017

van IJzendoorn, E. J., Martin, R. (2017) “Pallas’s Sandgrouse”, Dutch Birding 39, 37-42

Ammitzboell, N.P., Werner, S., Marques, D. A., Schweizer, M. (2017) “Pacific Loon at Silvaplanersee, Switzerland, in December 2015, with notes on genetics, identification and WP records

Cover photo on the latest issue of “Die Vogelwelt”

Two trips into pristine areas

Few weeks ago, I returned from a trip to the Baikal area in southeastern Russia. Together with Malte B. we were looking for different kind of animals and pristine landscape. It was a sucessful trip and I will surely show you further photos soon

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Right afterwards, I accompanied an excursion of the University to the Ticino area in southern Switzerland. We visited a valley with still quite pristine landscape. We came just right for the flowering of Alpine Roses. Here you see three photos of the amazing colourful meadows:

The different flowers in combination with many different insects and birds have been a real highlight!

Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra) in the flowers
Male Lasiocampa quercus (Eichenspinner)