‘Nature photography in southern Siberia’

Just returned from a presentation about Siberia in Konstanz. Thank you very much for the invitation and the feedback =)

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Long awaited

When I saw as a Hawfinch as a little child in my first book about birds, I was very fascinated. I wanted to see this big finch with its clumsy bill. I read in every book all I could find about it. And I still remember one sentence: “The Hawfinch is able to press its bill together with about 45 kg and so it is able to crack cherry stones”. This impressed me a lot in that times.

Ok – with a little bit of physical understanding, this information is absolutely useless and doesn’t make any sense (without a reference to a specific area, we could also say it has one ton of pressure on a very small area) – but that’s not important for a child.

Thank you very much to Lukas T. who made these photos possible!

Hawfinch – Coccothraustes coccothraustes – Kernbeißer
Long awaited