Far far away…

In the last months, my thoughts travel often back in time and I remember moments, when I have been far far away, day and night in a wild, poorly settled country. Together with a good friend and nothing else.

Moments like the amazing view from a mountain in the Kazakh Tian-Shan during full moon are burnt in my memory.

River bed in the Kazakh Tian-Shan during full moon

All the days in the endless Kazakh steppe, always surprising by the different colours and landscapes.

The vast and amazing steppe in Kazakhstan

The feeling, when you see a thunderstorm approaching, rumbling loudly and then you smell rain in the air.

An approaching, rumbling thunderstorm, making you feel small

Staying in the Altai mountains, surrounded just by unvisible Brown Bears, snow and a distant White’s Thrush singing in the night

View on the Altai mountains in the night

How beautiful it was!

Far far away…

At home again

For some days, I am back at home from Kyrgyzstan. Thanks for the possibiliity to accompany this group and to all the nice people – it was a great excursion!

Unfortunately, there was few time in the morning and evening, so I took just some photos and show here even less. Nevertheless take a look at them and dive into the beautiness of this central asian mountainous country…

At home again