Winter in spring

There haven’t been a lot of snow in my area this year. And as I just moved for some weeks to Leipzig (thanks for the flat, Alex!!) it is unlikely, that I will have the chance to encounter much ice and cold any more.

Of course, this isn’t true for the “big” mountains. Also May can be very cold there. In May 2014, I have been in the High Tatra in Slovakia. These are very rocky mountains and they deeply impressed me.

Hiking through some kind of gorge in about 2200 m of altitude, I found a perfect winter landscape with no human beeing around.

A beautiful gorge in about 2200 m of altitude
View from the peak of a mountain in about 2500 m of height
The rocky Tatra in the clouds
The completely iced rocks on the northern rock face

But just when I thought, I am completely alone up there on the peak, I discovered two Alpine Accentors. They were playing in the snow, singing, playing tag and finally performing the courtship display. Neither ice nor frostiness could discourage them.

Alpine Accentor, Alpenbraunelle, Prunella collaris
Two Alpine Accentors performing the courtship display
Frozen waterfall

It was time to return and as there was a iced film on the snow, it was possible to “go skiing” on my alpine boots quite well. In the lower areas, some ice was already melting.

The ice melts already in the sun in the lower parts

When the first alpine meadows came in view again, I encountered a group of “Tatra”-Chamois and few Alpine Marmots.

Chamois, Tatra-Gemse, Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica
The endemic subspecies R. r. tatrica of the Chamois
Alpine Marmot, Marmota marmota latirostris, Alpen-Murmeltier
A intensily coloured Alpine Marmot

In the evening at the car, it felt strange to be back in spring, with the warm sun and green meadows with flowers anywhere. It felt like I had been travelling between seasons.

RM_140505_MG_0606-2 Panorama
View to the High Tatra from the low-lying areas.
Winter in spring