Favourite Mammals

When I was looking on my hard disc for some photos of a very special species of mammal to show you (I will show it to you another time), I realized: I haven’t shown you any photos of one of my favourite mammals here! But that’s changing at once! Here they are – Long-eared Hedgehogs… Looking at the photos, it is easy comprehensible, why it has this name. They are very cute little guys, quite widespread in desert-like areas and they can ran very fast.

Actually, I connect a very special experience with my first encounter with this species. It was in Turkey in 2009: next to the Syrian border, the turkish military took us in custody at night and brought us to the General. We had to answer a lot of questions, but after few hours they let us go. Just two kilometers from the barack, a Long-eared Hedgehog ran over the street. Immediatly I made a full braking and tried to see it again. However, it had ran that fast, that I couldn’t see it any more. It has taken five years until I saw this species again…

Long-eared Hedgehog – Eigentlicher Ohrenigel – Hemiechinus auritus

And again, there was a quite strange adventure while this encounter. At night, I lay in front of the car to photograph the hedgehog. Daniel H. was standing next to me. A car drove by and broke abruptly. The driver got out of the car, walked to Daniel and passing me, I said “Здравствуйте” (Hello). Hearing me talking, he was terrified (no, it was not because of my bad pronounciation). Actually, he thought, Daniel would have driven over me…

Photographers do strange things, don’t they?!

Long-eared Hedgehog - Eigentlicher Ohrenigel - Hemiechinus auritus
Long-eared Hedgehog – Eigentlicher Ohrenigel – Hemiechinus auritus
Favourite Mammals

Far far away…

In the last months, my thoughts travel often back in time and I remember moments, when I have been far far away, day and night in a wild, poorly settled country. Together with a good friend and nothing else.

Moments like the amazing view from a mountain in the Kazakh Tian-Shan during full moon are burnt in my memory.

River bed in the Kazakh Tian-Shan during full moon

All the days in the endless Kazakh steppe, always surprising by the different colours and landscapes.

The vast and amazing steppe in Kazakhstan

The feeling, when you see a thunderstorm approaching, rumbling loudly and then you smell rain in the air.

An approaching, rumbling thunderstorm, making you feel small

Staying in the Altai mountains, surrounded just by unvisible Brown Bears, snow and a distant White’s Thrush singing in the night

View on the Altai mountains in the night

How beautiful it was!

Far far away…