BWE: The horsehead seal

There have been just two blogposts in the last weeks. So quickly few photos of the quite rare Horsehead Seal (also named Grey Seal) in the North Sea. You can see it mainly on Helgoland. The other places are not that easily acessible.



BWE: Christmas 2014

This year, I spent Christmas with friends in the lighthouse in Westerhever in northern Germany (click here to see the exact position).

We had much rain and storm but thanks to this, also three days with extreme flooding causing the little dwelling mound to be completely surrounded by the sea. The water was extremely cold, so photographing the flood was no real fun.

By accident, we had a very pleasing encounter with Martin Stock – one of the best known photographers in the Wadden Sea. Visit his website to see some of his great photos. It was nice to met you Martin!

BWE: Christmas 2014