Research trip through Great Britain & Ireland – Ireland

Here I show some further photos from the last weeks. The weather was not that pleasant in Wales – always windy and rainy.

Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) at the shore of a lake in Wales
Stream in the northern part of Wales

Then I went to Ireland. Luckily, the sea was very calm while the ferry passage and it was possible to get some shots of a very special bird species:

Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus). These amazing birds stay all their life on the sea. They come just to the land for breeding and then just during the night. They are the ‘albatrosses’ of the northern hemisphere.

In Ireland again just one day with really pleasant weather.

Flowering heathland in Wicklow National Park

When I arrived in western Ireland a little storm started and it was too much wind to work in the forests for two days. So I could stay at the bridges of Ross, had the chance to meet nice people and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Stormy morning at the bridges of Ross, Ireland
Sunrise at the bridges of Ross
The swallen sea
Research trip through Great Britain & Ireland – Ireland

Beautiful Wild Europe (BWE) – The project

Thailand, USA, Australia, New Zealand… some typical holiday destinations for many people. It is hip to go there, to be able to talk with the others who have been there. Reasons to visit these countries are often the amazing landscape and nature. At the same time, few people are aware of the beautiful wilderness in Europe, of the breathtaking landscapes, of the very special animals and the beautiful flowers.

For this reason, I thought about a project for a long time: I want to show this beauty, to make people aware, that it is not really necessary to travel always that far. To show that the beautiful places are right in front of our door or not far away. And to show, what we lost already and what we will loose, if we proceed in our way of life.

Within the scope of this project, I will present different areas in Europe, special animals or plants or just special places. I already started with some posts – and I will proceed.

Maybe, you get inspired by these places and next time, it is not Vietnam but the Balkan you travel to!


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Beautiful Wild Europe (BWE) – The project