‘Nature photography in southern Siberia’

Just returned from a presentation about Siberia in Konstanz. Thank you very much for the invitation and the feedback =)

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Adrenaline sport: Slacklining

Have you ever seen people in a park doing slacklining? A quite funny but also relaxing sport. It is easy to learn if the line is short. All gets the more difficult, the longer the line is. If it is stretched in the height, it is called a ‘highline’ – and of course it is even more difficult thanks to the height, the stronger wind etc…

Two years ago, a good friend built up a quite impressive highline in Switzerland:

A 54m long line, exposed between two mountains. Fascinating, right?

But compared to a highline, that my brother found few days ago, this pales. 25 cm of height, 65 cm long, stretched between to flexible poles, shaking with every windgust easily about 10 cm forth and back.

Highlining in nature

The artist and builder? A just 4 mm big spider. It built it up in one single night… Poorly the wind was too strong to take a photo of the spider – and when I came back, it was already gone. Probably already searching a new challenge.

Now the interesting part: How long is this line compared to a line for human beeings? If we would enlarge the spider to a size of about 1.80 m like a normal person, the line of the spider would have a lenght of almost 300 m, built in a height of 120 m and shaking easily 50 m back and forth. And I bet, the little spider never fell down! Impressive?

Adrenaline sport: Slacklining